When I do my painting retreats or occasional field trips, I don't always have a clear objective of what I'm going to paint.
Once involved with the landscape that surrounds me, I allow myself to be taken by details, lights, shadows or atmospheres, in order to process a composition that I like.
I start mentally working on my color palette.
It is important for me to visualize the painting still with the canvas blank, although nothing ends as we idealize ... the whole painting is a dynamic process, the time that does not wait for us, the decisions to be made every moment, is what makes the painting so enticing.

Son of a maestro and brother of painters, Armando Aguiar was born in 1964 in Porto, where he lives.

Realist-Naturalist painter, began his professional activity in painting in 1980 with 17 years old.

His plural work and diversity of themes include a singular look at the urban landscape of Porto, dealing with other pictorial genres such as landscape (rural and marine), portraiture and nude with brief incursions into dead nature.

He performed the first fore-edge painting in Portugal, collaborating since then in the artistic customization of bookbinding with the restoration company Invicta-Livro.

Armando Aguiar has 34 individual exhibitions and several collective exhibitions.

He received two first painting awards and four honourable mentions by the Navy Academy. In 2000 he was the "Guest of Honour" Artist at the 14th Meeting with Art in Moreira da Maia.

His work is found in several private collections in Portugal and abroad, and in the exhibit collection at the Navy Museum in Lisbon. In 2016, he joined the guest artists in the commemorative exhibition of the 160 of the Railways of Portugal and the 100 years of the São Bento Station.

Apart from the time dedicated to his art of painting, he dedicates time to the restoration and preservation of paintings, personalization of old books, photography of nature, and teaching artistic painting.

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