Luís Buchinho, brand that designates the same name, has been in the market for 20 years. Frequent presence in editions of Moda Lisboa since 1991, in Portugal Fashion since 1996 and in Paris Fashion Week since 2009. The course of the brand is based on the evolution of the designer as designer.
The beginning of the commercialization of its brand occurred in 1992, in Portugal. It is currently distributed throughout the country. Luis Buchinho has participated in several fairs like Bread and Butter, Who's Next and Gallery 2020.
In 2007, it opened its first store in Rua José Falcão 122, Porto, and the second in 2012, in Esplanada do Castelo, also in Oporto.
Throughout his career as a designer, Luís Buchinho was honored with the award for Best Women's Collection awarded by the association Moda Lisboa in 1999, in 2010 he was awarded the prize for Best Fashion Designer - (Fashion TV) and in 2012 he received the Globe of Gold for Best Fashion Designer, the same was repeated in 2016.
Luis Buchinho teaches Fashion Design since 2006 at the Centro de Formação Profissional (CITEX), now called Modatex.
Her experience as a designer of knitwear is notorious in her work, something characteristic of her brand. Drawn and original structures, graphic details and unusual games of colors and textures, form a composition of dynamic silhouettes that define a cosmopolitan, charismatic and authentic look.

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