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Project: "There are dolls and there are Marias". This is the maximum of the MARIAS PAPERDOLLS project, a contemporary concept of environmental approach, which gives birth to paper dolls and which today has the signature of the artist Cláudia Nair Oliveira.

The creation of MARIAS PAPERDOLLS had in its genesis four mentors who, in 2011, saw in the recycling of the role of newspapers and magazines a way of materializing and expressing their artistic vein. Thus, the MARIAS PAPERDOLLS was born, the fruit of passion, creativity, dream, and ambition to bring to life a raw material that then turns into a single doll, with their own language, full of soul and identity.

"Each MARIA is unique and exclusive. Each MARIA gives its face for a story, has its own personality and a state of mind," says Cláudia Nair Oliveira.  The "family" is already large and exceeds the 500 dolls that grow ...


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