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The characteristics of a perfect skin

A perfect skin, smooth, without impurities and with shine is no longer a legend. Indeed, some tips will help you improve the quality of your skin surface. One of the key elements to get a “baby skin” is the scrub. It eliminates accumulated dead skin and brings illumination to a dull complexion. Let’s discover together the steps to do a “Peeling by Garraud Paris“.

A ritual of care adapted to your needs

1. Cleaning

First, clean your skin with a mild cleansing milk or gel that will cleanse and nourish deeply your skin. Well-cleaned skin with a strong protective barrier absorbs and retains water more effectively. It is a positive effect for the rest of the process.

2. Scrub – Peeling step

The objectives are to eliminate impurities, illuminate the complexion and smooth the skin surface. In order to carry out these actions, the Garraud Paris Diamond Scrub will be your greatest ally. Its exfoliating and revitalizing properties will help you. Its micro-crystals and diamond micro-particles associated with sweet almond oil, avocado and papaya extracts, exfoliate your skin with great delicacy.

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